Obesity and Overweight Role in Cancer.

Did you know that ” Considerable evidence suggests that obesity and overweight play an important role in cancer. Obesity and overweight have been clearly associated with increased risks for kidney cancer in both men and women (two-fold increased relative risk), and in women, endometrial cancer (one and a half-fold relative risk) and postmenopausal breast cancer (two-fold relative risk). Building evidence suggests that obesity and overweight also are associated with an increase risk of colorectal cancer, gall bladder cancer, and perhaps more modestly, the risk of thyroid cancer in women. For colorectal cancer, the effect of obesity and overweight on risk may be due in part to low physical activity, as consistent evidence exists for a strong protective effect of physical activity against developing colorectal cancer.

 It is believed that obese people tend to produce more hormones. These hormones have potential to change our metabolic rate, the production of proteins, and steroid hormones. Many of you seem to be fascinated by the newly acquired knowledge on the correlation between obesity and cancer. There is a definite connection, the exact mechanism of tumor production, is know really known. For further info, check this website: http://healthyliving.msn.com/health-wellness/obesity-in-america-whats-driving-the-epidemic-1

Obesity             Obesity2


Dr. Zachary Lahlou

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