Good/Bad Cholesterol?

We hear often the words “Bad”…”Good” Cholesterol.  How can cholesterol be good? Well simply, it tends to do a cleaning up job. It cleans the walls of your vasculature from the bad one, the LDL.  Therefore preventing the formation of Atheromas (accumulation of cholesterol in the walls of the arteries (plaques) causing occlusions (clots).  Your HDL level is nothing else than getting a picture of the crew that cleans up our blood vessels.  A low HDL level is not a good thing even if your total cholesterol is within a normal range.

The best ways to increase your HDL Cholesterol is to exercise regularly, stop smoking, and yes alcohol consumption such as one glass of red wine a day!!!  Here are some values that might be of interest to all of us:

According to the American Heart Association:

HDL Cholesterol Levels What It Means
Less than 40 mg/dL High risk for heart disease
40-59 mg/dL Less risk for heart disease
60 mg/dL Desirable

For further information, you can refer to:

Dr. Zachary Lahloudental-disease-4-atheromaatheromatous-obstruction

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