Top 10 Evidence for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Power of the Unknown

Are we alone in the universe? It’s a fundamental question that we currently do not know the answer to. If there is intelligent life in the universe other than ourselves, where is the evidence? The following is a top 10 of possible evidence for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (ETI). Let me know in the comments if there are others to add to the list.

10) Wow Signal

On 15 August, 1977, a burst of radio waves was detected by the now dismantled Big Ear radio telescope of Ohio State University. The person who spotted it, astronomer Jerry Ehman, was so surprised that he scribbled “Wow” on the print-out. The Wow signal, as it has become known, is often described as our best candidate for a signal from an ETI.

This unusually strong, narrowband radio signal lasted 72 seconds. The duration matches the time it takes the Big Ear scanning beam to survey…

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Evidence for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

  1. Sophia

    From a phyical perspective these theories may be interesting. Spiritually there are many unseen dimension and creatures just like you and I.



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