Ulcerative Colitis

“Ulcerative colitis according to NDDIC.com February 2006, is a disease that causes inflammation and sores, called ulcers, in the lining of the rectum and colon. Ulcers form where inflammation has killed the cells that usually line the colon, then bleed and produce pus.”

Ulcerative colitis is another inflammatory bowel disease with high prevalence in the US.  Just like Crohn’s, it affects the intestinal wall, but strictly involves the colon (large intestine).  The rectal region is the main area involved in this pathology (unlike Crohn’s which mainly affects the ileocecal region , meaning the area where the small intestine connects with the large intestine). 

As the name indicates, ulcerations are preponderant in the colon’s wall, and unlike Crohn’s, there is a risk for colon cancer. The  risks for colorectal carcinoma are contingent on the extent of the disease ( How affected is the intestinal wall, and how long the  disease has been active).

There are no known cures as of now for both types of inflammatory bowel diseases. 

Do you think there is a correlation between diet and the cause of inflammatory bowel diseases, considering that both disorders are prevalent in industrialized nations ? ( we know that certain foods can initiate a flare, but……)


Dr. Zachary M. Lahlou

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